Shops at High Street
Williamsburg, Virginia

The Shops at High Street is the retail component of the overall High Street development ( The development is located on the very active and busy Richmond Road, which is the major north-south corridor in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Shops at High Street are anchored by Movie Tavern (, a national movie chain that utilizes the concept of high quality food and drinks served to your table as you enjoy a first run movie. In addition to Movie Tavern, The Shops at High Street enjoy several other quality retailers and restaurants, such as Plaza Azteca, Quirks of Art, Virginia Company Bank, et al.

The first phase of the development was approximately 100,000 feet of retail space. Upon completion, the retail component shall have just over 200,000 feet of retail space. In addition, the retail is complimented by a two-level parking garage that honors the roll of the land. The deck supplies over 400 easy to access well-lighted parking spaces on site. Overall the retail enjoys over 1,000 total parking spaces on site.

The commanding feature of The Shops at High Street is the “Exchange” courtyard plaza. In Colonial Williamsburg, there was a natural gathering place on Duke of Gloucester Street where people would gather and enter into barter. It is with this tradition the Exchange Courtyard was built at The Shops at High Street. Today, the Exchange Courtyard is a place for families, tourists, guests and local people to enjoy the fountain, activities and the architecture of High Street.

The Exchange Courtyard is the central feature of The Shops at High Street. The plaza is flanked by buildings eight and nine and anchored by the large obelisk that notes from key dates in the history of Williamsburg.

Overall The Shops at High Street creates a quality front door for the entire High Street development. The architecture honors the traditions of the Williamsburg marketplace and the retail in combination with the residential work to create a wonderful neighborhood in Williamsburg, Virginia.


* This project was built by Daniel W. Aston while a partner at Roseland Property Company.