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About The Whitmore Company : The Whitmore Company

About The Whitmore Company

The Whitmore Company is a full-service multi-family development and management company that specializes in the creation of quality urban housing. The firm has its roots in the real estate experiences of the founder, Mr. Daniel W. Aston. Early in Mr. Aston’s career he was asked by the Mayor of Dallas, Texas to chair the Oak Lawn Forum, a task force dedicated to the redevelopment of the Uptown area of Dallas. During that process it became evident that the success of any urban area starts with the quality of its housing. Mr. Aston served as the first chairman of the committee for several years. That planning exercise coordinated by the Oak Lawn Forum built a plan of urbanization based on input from neighbors, civic leaders, city officials and world-class architects and planners. Today, based on the plan created by the Oak Lawn Forum, there are tens of thousands of new multi-family housing units in the Uptown area and the area is booming with jobs and growth.

Today, The Whitmore Company is located in Portsmouth, Virginia. Mr. Aston had moved to Virginia in 2001 as a partner with Roseland Property Company, a firm that was started by his longtime friend and associate, Mr. Marshall Tycher. Roseland Property Company is based in Short Hills, New Jersey and specializes in large urban in-fill developments. During this tenure with Roseland Property Company, as the Virginia partner, Mr. Aston oversaw the construction of just under one thousand new housing units throughout the Hampton Roads market and several large mixed-use developments.

In January 2012, Mr. Aston left Roseland Property Company to pursue his own development interests as The Whitmore Company. He was joined in this effort by a team of apartment professionals.

Ms. Kay J. Harlow is one of the key members of The Whitmore Company. Previously, she served in a similar position with Roseland Property Company. Today, she serves as the administrator and partner in The Whitmore Company. She oversees all non-developmental activities of the firm. She also serves as the administrator for The Olde Towne Company.

The Whitmore Company is dedicated to creating quality urban housing throughout the Hampton Roads marketplace as well as the Richmond marketplace. Recently, the firm has announced its two newest projects (Fall 2012). The first development is a mixed-use apartment and office building (48 apartment homes with offices) in downtown Portsmouth called The Sterling Court Building. The second development is a more conventional suburban urban apartment community on the edge of downtown, having 137 units, called Park View Place. Both properties are located at very important portal locations to the downtown area of Portsmouth, Virginia. Subsequently The Whitmore Company will work diligently to insure the design of these buildings is representative of the renaissance of Portsmouth, Virginia. In addition to these two Portsmouth projects, the firm is working in concert with Crosland Investments of Dallas, Texas on several very large-scale mixed-use suburban urban developments in the Hampton Roads and Richmond markets. These projects all enjoy excellent class “A” locations and will be anchored by three and four-story elevator-served apartment buildings.

It should be noted that Mr. Aston is also the managing member of The Olde Towne Company (www.theoldetownecompany.com). This is a firm that was formed to meet the specific needs of the historic Park View neighborhood in Portsmouth, Virginia. This neighborhood had fallen onto hard times and urban decay, in spite of its great location next to the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. The Olde Towne Company led the way to this neighborhood renovation by working in close conjunction with the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA). To date, The Olde Towne Company has built twenty new homes and is restoring an additional seven homes. When the total job is completed, the firm will have built or restored over fifty new homes in this neighborhood and provided quality housing for many new residents. From day one, the firm has felt a stewardship to build quality housing in Park View.

In summary, both the business and the mission of The Whitmore Company is to create the best possible housing based on the economics of the area. The firm is known for having vision which translates into strong housing opportunities. It is with a sense of stewardship that the firm acknowledges and accepts this opportunity and responsibility to build quality housing that will serve generations of residents.